Bitcoin Smart

Bitcoin Smart – Block: 505050


Bitcoin Smart(BCS) is an experiment to improve Bitcoin , with integration of smart-contract, new features such as token issuance will be available on Bitcoin and on-chain performance will no longer be an issue.

Hard-fork info

Name Bitcoin Smart (BCS)
Block height 505050
Hard-fork date 2018/01/19
Ratio to BTC 1:100
Official Website

Bitcoin vs Bitcoin Smart

  Bitcoin Bitcoin Smart
Max. Supply 21 Million 2.1 Billion
Distribution Mining Mining, Claiming
Mining Algorithm SHA256 Equihash(GPU)
Blocktime 10 min. 10 min.
Max. Blocksize 1MB 8MB
Difficulty Adj. 2 Weeks ???
Established since 2009 January 2018


Not tradeable yet

How to claim

Use our Step by Step guide to claim your coins!

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