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BitcoinPRO is next generation of bitcoin with many upgraded features over bitcoin that makes it faster, secure and reliable.Its Proof-Of-Stake feature reward holder with 1% annually interest as well as add extra security to the network.Main goal is to solve the problem of bitcoin that is high transaction fees and slower confirmation.

We are inviting all bitcoiners to join the community to be a part of revolution.All Bitcoin holders as of block #506984 are also owners of BitcoinPRO and eligible to claim 10x of their bitcoin holding.

It is able to send fast and low cost transactions within seconds and confirmed within minutes.Its Proof-Of-Stake feature rewards holders with 1% annually interest as well as add extra security to the network.

There are three ways to get it
1.Claiming-> All bitcoin holders as of block #506984 owner of 10x amount.
2.Mining-> You can use your bitcoin mining hardware to mine it.
3.Staking-> Holders get 1% annual interest for their holding.

It uses SHA256 Proof-Of-Work mining algorithm so you can use your existing bitcoin hardware to mine.

All bitcoin holders as of block #506984 are rewarded with 10x amount of BitcoinPRO.All online wallets or exchanges maynot support BitcoinPRO so if your bitcoins were stored in an exchange or online wallet at the time of launch, you should contact your exchange/wallet to get your BitcoinPRO.

Fast: Its transaction are upto five times faster compared to bitcoin.

Fair: Initial BitcoinPRO is distributed to existing bitcoin holders.

Secure: It uses hybrid SHA256 POW + POS algorithm to secure the network.

Decentralized: It uses peer-to-peer technology for decentralization of network

Low Fees: Its transaction fees is upto 50 times lower compared to bitcoin.

Stackable: Holders are rewarded with 1% annual interest as Proof-Of-Stake reward

Hard-fork info

Name Bitcoin Pro (BTP)
Block height 506984
Hard-fork date 2018/01/31
Ratio to BTC 1:10
Official Website

Bitcoin vs BitcoinPro

  Bitcoin Bitcoin Pro
Max. Supply 21 Million 210 Million
Distribution Mining Mining, Claiming, Staking
Mining Algorithm SHA256 SHA256 POW+POS
Blocktime 10 min. 2 min.
Max. Blocksize 1MB 2MB
Difficulty Adj. 2 Weeks Hourly
Established since 2009 January 2018


Not tradeable yet

How to claim

Use our Step by Step guide to claim your coins!

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