Bitvote – Block: 505050


Bitvote is a fork of Bitcoin, and its abbreviation is BTV. There will be no premining and additional issuance.

Bitvote uses the CryptoNight algorithm, which responds to Satoshi Nakamoto’s vision of one-CPU-one-vote and true decentralization.

Bitvote establishes a foundation and promotes a sustainable development of communities. Features such as smart contract, lightning network, community vote and others will be added to Bitvote finally.

Hard-fork info

Name Bitvote (BTV)
Block height 505050
Hard-fork date 2018/01/19
Ratio to BTC 1:1
Official Website

Bitcoin vs Bitvote

  Bitcoin Bitvote
Max. Supply 21 Million 21 Million
Distribution Mining Mining, Claiming
Mining Algorithm SHA256 CryptoNight(CPU)
Blocktime 10 min. 2 min.
Max. Blocksize 1MB 8MB
Difficulty Adj. 2 Weeks ???
Established since 2009 January 2018


Not tradeable yet

How to claim

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