SmartBitcoin – Block: 520000


Anyone who held Bitcoin at the time Smart Bitcoin was created became own-ers of Smart Bitcoin. This means that Bitcoin holders as of block 520 000(Around April 26th, 2018) have the same amount of Smart Bitcoin as they had Bitcoin at that time. If your Bitcoins are stored by a third party such as an exchange, then you must inquire with them about your Smart Bitcoin. Any transactions after the April 26th, 2018 ledger split are completely separate between Bitcoin and Smart Bitcoin. This means any Bitcoin acquired after the split does not include any Smart Bitcoin, and any Smart Bitcoin does not in-clude any Bitcoin.

First, many current forks do not solve the problem. Second, Bitcoin itself needs continuous evolution to adapt to new development needs and meet higher demands. Third, Smart Bitcoin is not a new comeback but a new one. The technological approach evolved to allow Bitcoin to adapt to new develop-ment needs.

Which Development Team is In Charge of Smart Bitcoin? The core technology of the Smart Bitcoin is supported by the OneChain team. OneChain team has developed the ONE dApp, with features of Super Wallet, Decentralized Exchange, Decentralized Social network as well as Thunder Transfer. This dApp now has more than 450 000 active users. Official website:

Wallet: if you have digital asset in your wallet, then its not need for snapshot,SBC will be added automatically to your private key, just might not showing the name in your wallet. To ensure the security, you need to proceed a signature verification. Please claim SBC under the official guidance.
Exchange: if your digital assets are stored in Exchanges and other centralized institutions, SmartBitcoin team will notify major exchanges to take snapshots. You may also contact your exchanges to make sure.

Hard-fork info

Name SmartBitcoin (SBC)
Block height 520000
Hard-fork date 2018/04/26
Ratio to BTC 1:1
Official Website

Bitcoin vs SmartBitcoin

  Bitcoin SmartBitcoin
Max. Supply 21 Million 21 Million
Distribution Mining Mining, Claiming
Mining Algorithm SHA256 CPU/Storage/Bandwith
Blocktime 10 min. 5 sec.
Max. Blocksize 1MB 8MB dynamic adjust
Difficulty Adj. 2 Weeks No
Established since 2009 April 2018


Not tradeable yet

How to claim

Use our Step by Step guide to claim your coins!

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