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UnitedBitcoin – Block: 498777


UnitedBitcoin will establish a credit currency system pegged against fiat currencies, and supporting smart contracts that can serve society, by nurturing worthy blockchain developments. UnitedBitcoin’s network is 100% inherited from Bitcoin. Active bitcoin wallets will receive UBTC at a rate of 1:1, and inactive wallet funds will go toward supporting other high quality blockchains or other projects in the ecosystem

Hard-fork info

Name UnitedBitcoin (UB)
Block height 498777
Hard-fork date 2017/12/11
Ratio to BTC 1:1
Official Website http://www.ub.com

Bitcoin vs UnitedBitcoin

  Bitcoin UnitedBitcoin
Max. Supply 21 Million 21 Million
Distribution Mining Mining, Claiming
Mining Algorithm SHA256 SHA256
Blocktime 10 min. 10 min.
Max. Blocksize 1MB 8MB
Difficulty Adj. 2 Weeks ???
Established since 2009 December 2017


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How to claim

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