Ether Zero

EtherZero – Block: 4936270


Build daily using DAPPs with EtheZero Platform. EtherZero has all the dream features needed by DAPP developers: 0 TX fee, instant payments and high scalability(up to thousands of TPS). Made by Dapp developers, for Dapp developers

Hard-fork info

Name EtherZero (ETZ)
Block height 4936270
Hard-fork date 2018/01/19
Ratio to BTC 1:1
Official Website

Ether vs EtherZero

  Ethereum EtherZero
Max. Supply 97 Million 194 Million
Distribution Mining, Pre-Mined Mining, Pre-Mined, Claiming
Mining Algorithm GPU GPU
Blocktime 15 sec. 10 sec.
Max. Blocksize 2MB 2MB
Difficulty Adj. Every block Dynamic adjustment
Established since 2013 January 2018


Not tradable at the moment

How to claim

Use our Step by Step guide to claim your coins!

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